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Wimbledon 2017 Injury Woes

    Are you a tennis player who is injured? Do you want to avoid injury? Looking to improve your game? The 2017 Wimbledon men’s final takes place this afternoon between Roger Federer who has been dubbed the greatest player of all time. He is making a return to Centre Read More…

5 top tips to stay injury free in winter

5 top tips to stay injury free in winter Winter training is never fun, but it’s the time where you need to get the ground work in ready for the next up and coming season or event. Weather you are training for a ironman or your first 5 K keeping Read More…

New Services

To continue with Summit’s ethos of treating the cause of the injury and prevention is better than cure we have teamed up with performance stability ( to offer the performance matrix functional movement screening system. This allows us to develop a detailed report on your weak links allowing you to Read More…

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