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Summit Physio Introduction

Summit Physio is a sports injury and physiotherapy company that specialises in helping and rehabilitating people who have movement problems. Our aim is to treat the cause not just the injury.

We have assembled a team of dedicated, highly-educated and friendly musculoskeletal specialist clinicians who share one thing in common: a drive to achieve excellence in their field, providing the most effective and unobtrusive physical and emotional support in the healthcare industry.

Essentially, we don’t just have the experience to treat our patients, we have the understanding and empathy to connect with them and provide a comfortable and reassuring environment for them to get better.

The services we offer range from long-trusted physiotherapy to relieve pain and restore movement, through to the very latest in injury prevention and functional movement screening. If it’s related to body movement, we’ve treated it in our time.

Our network of clinics spans across South Lancashire and are run by our team of 15 part and full-time physiotherapists, with our main clinic based in Bolton Arena, right next to the Macron Stadium.

The Summit team provide a first-class service in the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal pain and injury, irrespective of age or ability.

We follow our Culture Statement to guarantee that the service we provide improves the lives of people forever through re-educating them to understand their own bodies better. We promise to work closely with our clients on an individual basis and give them the support to reach their goals.

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