It’s sooooo cold!

Hello fellow runners,

Before we get into the pre-marathon training plan… Can we all just give ourselves a pat on the back for mustering the enthusiasm and will to get on our trainers, wrapping up to achieve the perfect balance of being warm enough to run but not so that we end up hot and sweaty, getting our gloves and opening up that front door to face the icy cold air (and the rain that so often comes with it) and just getting out there and getting it done!

It’s so cold and the temptation to stay in with a hot chocolate and binge watch a TV series is very real. But once I do face that bitter chill, I certainly end the run feeling glad that I’ve got another run in the bag and I’m putting in the miles to be the best I can be on Marathon day!

Please make sure you’re warming up and wrapping up before heading out for those cold runs! Running with cold joints is like typing on a typewriter; it can work, but there is more of margin for error (increased risk of injury) and you’ll probably go slower!

Also, the next plans you receive will be the start of the Full Marathon Training Plan, so keep your eyes peeled for that! That’s where it really begins!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and if you need to stock up on winter run clothing….Happy New Gear!

Louise Bentley,
Summit Physio


Final Pre-Marathon Training Plan…

For weeks 5 and 6 of the Pre-Marathon Training Plan we continue to build endurance and your aerobic systems., The plans are split into two separate weeks based upon three key sessions. The plans make up around 70% of the run training volume, by all means you can run in addition to this to reach that full 100% but make sure those runs are carried out at a very easy pace to simply build the aerobic base that is required for the full Marathon training plan that is set to start in January.

Please ensure you are giving yourself at least one day a week off to rest as this is vital but you can certainly use the other days in between for S&C and rehab.

Remember, this is aimed at beginners and those wishing to improve, not elite runners, although there will be sessions within the coming plans that will suit those who are established marathon runners.

Joe Duckworth,
Limitless Triathlon Coaching

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