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The clinicians here at Summit Physio have a variety of treatment techniques at their disposal to relieve pain, regain range of movement, restore muscle strength and return patients to normal activities of daily living.

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Chorley Clinic


Based at the David Lloyd just off the M61 motorway, our Chorley Clinic was the first branch of Summit – opening in 2006. Andy Hosgood opened the clinic and is now the clinical lead, working together with Heather and David providing the best care and advice to patients with a range of ailments.

Located inside the David Lloyd gym, the clinic offers hands-on physiotherapy combined with movement screening and correction, pre and post-operative rehabilitation and hydrotherapy using the first-class onsite facilities.

Our team in Chorley works with all types of people, including personal trainers, gym members, the local public and professional and elite level athletes.

We’re pleased to say this site also offers an acupuncture service if requested.

Attending the Chorley Clinic

Based at David Lloyd which is located on Moss Lane, Whittle-le-woods, Chorley, PR6 8AB.

There is free parking at this location but please arrive in plenty of time as the car park may be busy at peak times. There is a barrier which is automatic when you arrive, you will need a code to get out after. This is located at reception when you enter or at the turn style when you exit the building.

When you arrive at the David Lloyd, our clinic is located on down stairs. There is a main reception desk as you enter the gym. If you are a non-member of this facility you will be asked to sign in for health and safety reasons.

Once through the gate, follow the corridor past the tennis courts on your right and squash courts on your left. At the end of this there is some double doors which lead into a café. Stay to the left of this and follow the wall where you find another set of double doors. Through these are stairs and the lift. When you exit the stairs or lift turn right towards the gym. Though the double doors in front of you and as you pass the water fountain on your right you should see a seating area. If you take a seat there your clinician will identify themselves to you.

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