In this latest blog we take a look at Euro 2016 Player Rotation and Injury Prevention, and how we at Summit use similar approaches with our clients.

The famous rotation system is highly criticised in the media, but is advocated by nearly all coaches, if they want their teams to reach finals or fight for titles at the end of major tournaments. The controversy arises if you don’t understand why rotations are necessary. The teams that compete in the demanding competitions, like Euro 2016, have to take in to account the rotation system for 3 basic reasons.

  1. To prevent overload in the number of minutes played. It is commonly agreed that the players who play the most minutes are at a bigger risk of injury, especially injuries which occur due to fatigue.
  2. A decrease in physical performance, especially in high intensity, which comes from playing 2 or 3 matches in one week. The main physical difference between teams at the top level and the rest is in the capacity of their players to cover the most metres in high intensity. The loss of energy of some players can have very negative effects on team performance and this can be avoided if you field fresher players, both physically and mentally.
  3. To create competition within the squad. It’s obvious that players want to play every game and although at first they have difficulty coming to terms with it once they realise the importance of the rotation system in winning trophies they soon change their minds.

The Facts:

Manchester United won the league and the Champions League in 2007-8 without playing the same eleven in consecutive matches. Guardiola’s Barcelona of 2008-9 made an average of 5 changes to the starting line-up in every league game. There is no secret; every team playing a high density of matches has to use rotation to maintain the level of performance, the competition within the squad and to avoid injuries if they want to get to end of the season with a chance of achieving their objectives.

There is no doubt that for any team at the top level, playing at the highest intensity, in a large number of matches, A rotation system must be used. That is what is being seen in this final week of group games at Euro 2016.

The Summit Approach

Part of the Summit Approach is to help clients achieve goals in both daily life and challenges they are striving to achieve. In order to do this the whole picture has to be looked at, habitual patterns managed and training plans maximised. This is much like the rotation system at Euro 2016; changes are made to benefit the end goal.

Contact Summit to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve them.


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