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How can Yoga Help you to Move?

Yoga is growing in popularity, and with studios popping up more often, here is a great opportunity to learn a little more about yoga, and how it can help you to move, and move much better! This weeks Blog is written by our clinican, Laura Taylor. Laura is based at Read More…

Parkrun: Are you warming up effectively?

Warming up is well known as the best thing to do before activity but what does it actually do, and is it something that your missing to get the most out of your parkrun? In this blog, we will look at the basics of a good warm up, the effects Read More…

Couch to 5k

Many people are starting the New Year off with an aim to get fit. The easiest way to do this is Running which is why the Couch to 5Km plans have become so successful. Over the recent years more and more people have been getting into running. Whether it’s due Read More…

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