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FREE injury prevention seminar

We are happy to announce that Summit will be doing monthly injury prevention seminars thought our clinics in the north west. The aim of these is to continue to educate those of you who want to know more about how you move and function so you can be more aware when this becomes inefficient.

Though the series of seminars we intend to help you learn ways to stay injury free, stay away from us allowing you to trainer harder and perform better.

The first of these will be based at DW Health Club, Stadium Way, Wigan (next door to the soccerdome) and will be on the effects of your posture to the risk of injury. It will help you identify what posture you have and the risks which you face with it. Then to finish some helpful tips to change and correct it.

For more information email or too book your place text PREVENTION  followed how many places followed by your email. For example PREVENTION 3

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