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How to Choose the Perfect Running Shoe

In this blog we discuss how to choose the perfect running shoe for you. Finding the best-fitting shoe among the many choices at your local running store isn’t always easy. Most shops now offer a gait analysis service. Where someone in your local running shop watches you jog, and suggests Read More…

Summit Evolution

In January, this year Summit decided to do some market research into what our patients thought of us and what we offered as a service. We have interviewed many of you to find out your true thoughts about us as a company and the services we provide. With this information Read More…

Part 2 – Treatment, Rehab and Prevention of Tendinopathy

Part 2 – Treatment, Rehab and Prevention of Tendinopathy Early stage treatment consists of load management, primarily load reduction, which will allow the tendon time to adapt, the matrix is able to resume back to its normal structure, the cells become less reactive and ultimately reduces pain.  Two other factors Read More…

Summit challenges you to join them on Challenge for Teams4U

As many of you maybe aware our Director, Andy Hosgood, has been supporting Teams4U for over 10 years. This has led himto take part in projects from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus to his more recent ventures to Uganda in East Africa.  The charity believes in the “making a world of Read More…

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