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Summit Evolution

In January, this year Summit decided to do some market research into what our patients thought of us and what we offered as a service. We have interviewed many of you to find out your true thoughts about us as a company and the services we provide.

With this information we will continue to improve, as all feedback is good feedback, allowing us to fine tune our services to you and make sure your experience using Summit Physiotherapy’s services is consistently friendly, considerate and excellent.

To help us with the ‘evolution’ of Summit Physiotherapy we have decided to set up a Summit Sub-committee to allow us to constantly review our services and to make sure we are doing what we say we do! To do this we would like your help!



The Sub-committee will be made up of Summit staff including a director, senior management staff , full time and part time clinicians, but we would also like you… our patients to be part of this sub-committee!

We feel as it is you who uses our services it should be you who gets the right to change and improve it to how you would like the services to be.

You will:

Have access to clinical audits, which apply to each clinician to show that they are complying with the code of conduct of their profession.

Be involved in the policy and procedures which show that Summit Physiotherapy understands the laws involved with having a safe responsible physiotherapy practice.

How we follow good practice guidelines to provide a quality standard of treatment.

Evidence based practice and treatment protocols so we provide the most efficient up to date treatment.

Follow good health and safety regulations making each clinic a safe place to work and be treated.

Be involved in any new developments with new services we may provide.

Help provide honest and unbiased opinions on the company.

And much much more!

If you are interested in getting involved and would like further information or would like to put yourself forward please contact Andy, one of our Clinical Directors, on 07799 037 204.

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