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Top Tennis Tips

Top Tennis Tips

1.Physical Competency – Players should be able to execute fundamental movement skills to a high level, movements include: squatting; lunging; single leg squatting; force absorption linear and laterally; pushing; pulling; bending; twisting and bracing.

2. Complete a thorough warm-up – Warm-up up should aim to raise body temperature and mobilise the key joints and muscles. The format should include dynamic flexibility/mobility exercises; linear and lateral movement; and specific theraband exercises to warm and prepare the muscles of the shoulders and arms.

3. Adequate rest and recovery – Players must be sensible with taking enough rest in-between competitions and training. At a base level players must: eat well, sleep well (8-9 hours) and complete flexibility/mobility work before and after activity

4. Address key injury areas – Player should carry out pre-hab/injury reduction exercises. Mobility work for – ankles, hips, thoracic spine, shoulders. Strength and stability work for – knees, hips, core, shoulders and wrists.

5. Prepare and restore muscle/tissue quality – Prior to activity use self myofascial release (foam rolling & hockey balls) to improve tissue quality. Use dynamic stretches to address key individual flexibility areas. Post activity complete maintenance stretches 10-15sec for key muscle groups. Evening flexibility session complete developmental stretches for 30sec. Be aware due to the nature of the sport, players can get tightnesses in specific areas – neck muscles of non-playing arm; chest, back, and shoulder muscles of playing arm; hips; glutes; hamstrings and calves.

Howard Green
Fitness Coordinator – Bolton Arena – International High Performance Tennis Centre

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