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Adam Richardson

Adam along with fellow director, Andrew Hosgood founded Summit Physiotherapy in 2006. As musculoskeletal specialist chartered physiotherapists, their aim was to bring together their passion for providing the highest standard of physiotherapy and functional rehabilitation by finding the root cause of people’s musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

After graduating from Salford University in 2002, Adam continued to play Rugby at Sedgley Park whilst working with PNE football academy and Lancashire RUFC. Adam combined his on field work in sport with private practice in 2003 where he realised his true passion within his filed lay.

Adam’s belief that only through CPD can any clinician keep at the forefront of modern practice has led him to take a particular interest in movement dysfunction. Together with Andy they believe and have founded Summit’s approach on the fact that through understanding inefficient movement patterns we are able to assess/improve and correct postural and movement inefficiencies that can result in poor or reduced performance and pain.

Away from work Adam is a keen sportsman where he plays competitively representing Arnside at football and cricket in the North Lancashire Football and Westmorland Cricket League respectively.

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What you can expect from Summit

  • Each new client/condition will have an initial consultation where one of our skilled clinicians will take a detailed and confidential history and physical assessment. Then using Summits education board will explain why this condition has occurred allowing you to understand the cause of the problem.

    From here, a relevant, evidence based and up to date treatment plan can be agreed and implemented.
  • Our service is allowing you help to treat yourself and provide a long-term solution so you can prevent reoccurrence of your condition, so you can return to activity with confidence.
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