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Andy Hosgood

Andy co-founded Summit Physiotherapy alongside fellow director Adam Richardson in 2006.
Their aim was to bring together their passion for providing the highest standard of physiotherapy and treatment by developing a team of like-minded clinicians tailored to their approach.

They believed that only by educating patients in the anatomical and biomechanical knowledge could athletes control their symptoms and prevent re-occurrence. This knowledge had to be tailored specifically to the individual; one size does not fit all.

After graduating from Salford University in 2002, Andy began working with one of the North West’s leading consultant orthopaedic knee surgeons, before working in private practice for a American sports injury specialist.

He combined his private practice work with working in non-league football side Bamber Bridge F.C. and then moving on to Altrincham F.C. in the nationwide conference, before applying all his effort to developing Summit.

From there, Andy’s reputation has taken him from working with Premier League players and UFC fighters to Olympic athletes. He continues to work with elite amateur and professional sportsmen and women providing them with treatment based on his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Andy is now one of the worlds leading experts on The Performance Matrix screening, which allows him to support anyone who is looking for improved performance by increasing the efficiency of how someone moves. This can be applied to those chronic and overuse condition as part of an intervention, or an injury prevention strategy for the proactive thinkers.

This strong interest into how the body moves and the prevention and correction of chronic or overuse injuries, still drives Andy’s enthusiasm. He has special interest of lumbo-pelvic mechanics and how this combines with the hip or lower limbs.

Andy strives for excellence in all he does and expects his patients and team to do the same.

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What you can expect from Summit

  • Each new client/condition will have an initial consultation where one of our skilled clinicians will take a detailed and confidential history and physical assessment. Then using Summits education board will explain why this condition has occurred allowing you to understand the cause of the problem.

    From here, a relevant, evidence based and up to date treatment plan can be agreed and implemented.
  • Our service is allowing you help to treat yourself and provide a long-term solution so you can prevent reoccurrence of your condition, so you can return to activity with confidence.
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