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Who - Martin Stapleton Issue - Multiple

During my training camp for the Cage Contender Fight Stars tournament the training was extremely intense. I spent alot of time improving my Wrestling skills which lead to a re-occurence of a lower back injury id had in the past.

I was introduced to Andy Hosgood through my BJJ coach who reccomended him highly. Andy worked with me a couple of time a week throughout the remainder of the training camp, increasing the range of movement, strengthening and reducing the pain in my lower back. As a result of the re-hab Andy did with me, my back was in the best shape its been in for years come fight time and thankfully i was able to win the Tournament, beating 3 opponents in one night! Andy is now my go-to guy for all and any injuries!!

Thanks for the help mate!

Martin “.50Cal” Stapleton

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Who - Another Happy Parent - Lynsey Issue - Lower Back Pain

Summit have been excellent in the support and attention they have given Grace. They have been extremely professional and worked very hard to help Grace in what ever way they can. I feel they have ensured they have offered a very personal individualised therapy at every session. As a patient and as Grace parent I think this has been a huge factor that has helped grace to see and feel the huge improvements she has experienced.

Who - Tom Cubban Issue - Chronic Calf Injury

David took me through the screening process after a short period of physio and rehab which had got me back out running a few miles in the fells after a series of lay offs due to a chronic calf injury.

The screening tests are really cleverly designed and soon identified specific issues related to my lack of core strength in certain areas. The analysis of the screening allowed David to design me a rehab program. I’ve tried various rehab programmes before, but I’ve always lost motivation and they have tailed off.

However this time, for the first time in my life I have really stuck to it! I put this increase in motivation down to my total trust in David’s ability to use the screening to accurately identify what I need to do. I feel every exercise I am doing is really ‘ hitting the spot’ and I think this has been the reason I’ve stuck to the programme. My core strength is feeling much stronger and this in turn is keeping me running more miles in the fells instead of spending too much time receiving physio.

Who - Alan Ashley Issue - Achilles Injury

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Stephen for the care and support he has given in getting me back to full fitness following my Achilles tendon injury. Having played competitive sport and being a keen runner with over 20 years experience I have had my fair share of treatment on the Physio tables of the North West and cannot speak to highly of the level of competence and professionalism given to me during the past 6 weeks.

Stephen and the team at Summit including the administration team deliver the full package from end to end in an extremely efficient manner, my experience as a patient can be summed up with one word – Excellent!

Who - Amy Phillpotts (U20 200m County Champion) Issue - Torn Knee Cartilage

I had been struggling with a nagging knee problem until it eventually stopped me training and competing for over 3 months.

I had tried other Physiotherapists but it was Jess, through vigorous examination of my knee, who discovered I had a small tear in my Cartilage. Then through a serious of sessions and an in-depth recovery programme I was gradually able to start training again and I finished the season on a high by becoming 200m U20 county champion and making my university hockey and athletics team.

Jess also taught me stretches and exercises which aided my recovery and aid my performance to date.

Jess is an excellent clinician who makes you feel at ease immediately with her professional, friendly attitude and her fantastic ability to get to the crux of the problem. I still go back to Jess for regular check-ups and will have no hesitation in using her services again.

Who - Jack Thomas Issue - Hamstring Injury

I have been a patient of Jess’ for about 12 months now, having treatment for both injury prevention and rehabilitation. I have been prone to hamstring injuries in the past and Jess has developed an injury prevention program that I stick to, including detailed exercises that I am regularly tested on!

I am a sprinter just about to embark on a career in Bob Skeleton but 2 weeks before the intense training and selection camp and I had a Grade 1 tear in my hamstring and Jess did everything she could to get me ready!

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Who - Katie Hewison Issue - Multiple

As a professional athlete one of the most important factors to competing well is staying injury free! I have had a history of troublesome lower limb injury problems including stress fractures, muscle tears and tendonitis which has caused me many problems within my career as a triathlete.

I have seen phsyios all of the country and world, but I came to Summit as I needed someone who I could trust, who was local and who could provide me with regular, consistent treatment. 6 months later and my body is in the best physical shape it has ever been.

I have regular screenings and two sports massage sessions each week which makes a world of difference to allow me to keep pushing out 30hour training weeks and remain in one piece. I would highly recommend Summit as one of the best physio clinics I have ever worked with. The expertise and knowledge from the team at Summit really help you feel at ease. They are extremely dedicated and supportive in making sure your treatment is individual to your needs and have made a big difference to me, with particular thanks to Andy, Heather and Dave.

Katie Hewison

GB Elite Triathlete

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Who - Malcolm Hollingdrake Issue - Shoulder Trouble

Laura diagnosed the lack of movement and extreme discomfort in my left shoulder accurately within the first meeting and wasted no time in sorting the problem. Clear and positive advice, supported by a variety of simple but focused exercises, were the catalyst for a positive improvement in both pain relief and mobility.

After another session and further massage I was able to sleep better and enjoy light training back at the gym.

And the third meeting planned? Didn’t need it! I continue to follow Laura’s advice and full movement is almost pain free.

Thanks Laura!

Who - Scott Rimmer Issue - Fractured Verterbra

I would just like to thank everyone at Summit Physio for the help and support I received over the 7 months I spent with them. I suffered a serious injury over in Australia that left me with multiple fractures to my pelvis and a fracture to a vertebra in my lower back. I came to Adam and Stephen when I returned to the UK having just started walking again with a limp and I left 7 months later back running again.

They provided me with focus, motivation and specific training exercises to help me recover from my injury not only as quickly as I could, but with due care and attention to make sure I got back to 100%. There’s no way I would’ve recovered the way I have without going to these guys and I can’t thank them enough. I have seen a number of physios over the past year but Adam and Stephen were by far the best. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Who - Helen Henderson Issue - Arthritic Knee

I have arthritis in my right knee and the muscles surrounding the knee had stopped working correctly. The joint was badly swollen and I was not able to straighten or bend the leg. With the muscles so tight I had very little movement in the knee and walking was painful and tiring.

I started my sessions with Stephen Lane at Summit Physiotherapy in Southport. Using a combination of targeted exercises, manipulation, and massage, I am, for the first time in a long time, able to walk without pain.

The knee joint is almost the same size as the left now and with more work I am hoping to be able to fully straighten the leg. I thought it was too late to do anything for my knee but the exercises Stephen has given me have changed my mind.

Many Thanks Stephen.

Who - Bethany Lockwood Issue - Chronic Lower Back Issue

After having my daughter in August 2012 I was left with excruciating lower back pain. After appointments with my doctors and NHS physiotherapists I was left undiagnosed.

After 6 months of struggling with basic day-to-day tasks and looking after my daughter I decided to seek independent advice from a specialist. I contacted Summit Physiotherapy who arranged a consultation for the following day.

Jess diagnosed the issue with my lower back, explained the problem and created a personalised treatment plan. After weekly appointments for the past 3 months I’m now back to work and pain free.

Jess has been fantastic, a true professional and credit to Summit. I only wish I had come to Summit sooner.

Thank you Jess and everyone at Summit Physiotherapy.

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