Did  ‘Why do I consistently slice the golf ball’  related to you…..then ‘What can I do to help prevent consistently slicing the golf ball?’ should help you to understand and prevent that slice shot.

Firstly you should always seek advice from a golf professional.

They will be able to use their own experiences and knowledge. Often they use video technology to analyse your swing. This can help you understand what is happening to your club head and body during the golf swing.

Once the swing faults have been identified a number of lessons would be useful to help to try and correct the issues.

If after a number of lessons the golf pro is struggling to rid the slice shot. Then it is worth looking at your body and a number of the issues discussed in my previous blog (Previous Blog).

Your body’s movement

Your body’s movement has a huge effect on swing path, shape and club face angle.

As discussed previously, if you consistently slice the ball your hands will usually be dropping on the inside and your hips will be sliding instead of rotating. This means the club face is open on impact leading to a left to right shot for the right handed golfer.

If you have seen a professional golfer and he has highlighted these issues then please see below 2 tests to establish if your body is responsible for the shot shape:

A weakness in your oblique’s can contribute to a lack of rotation in your golf swing meaning you slide your hips/body instead of rotating.

so you can still ask what can I do to help prevent consistently slicing the golf ball?

Self Testing Your Oblique’s

The test below is designed to establish if there is a weakness in your oblique’s. In this, you should be able to hold each position for 15 seconds. Repeat this twice whilst maintaining your breath. It should look relatively easy

A lack of movement or stiffness in your hips can also contribute to poor rotation.  In a golf swing, this means your hands will drop on the inside during the downswing leading to the clubface being open on impact.

Testing your Hip Rotation

You require 35degrees of medial rotation in their hips to be able to fully rotate their hips during the swing.

To test if you have 35 degrees of medial rotation in your hips, lie on your back with one hip flexed (bent) to 90degrees.

Your lower leg should then turn out to 35 degrees away from the starting point.

If you consistently slice the ball and fail one of the above tests then please check out my next blog.

WE will discuss how you can strengthen your oblique’s and increase the range of movement in your hips. This will help you rotate your hips and trunk during the golf swing instead of sliding them. Combating the  cause ofthat consistent slice you cant seem to rid from your game.

At Summit we are also one of a elite clinics in the world trained to do the Golf Matrix movement screen…to know more about it have a watch of the video below

You can book your screen here…

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