What is it?

Lumbago (or more commonly known as lower back pain) is  an issue a lot of us deal with regarding our body.

 While lumbago can be annoying and uncomfortable it can be managed and typically isn’t too serious.

 So today we will be talking about the triggers of back pain, some facts surrounding it and what you can do to help it.


Can I exercise with my lumbago?

As mentioned before, the severity of back pain is usually minimal so you can go out for a run or to the gym etc. 

 You may be thinking, aren’t I causing more pain to my lower back? Don’t worry, no further damage is being done, in fact exercise can help with reducing the pain.

 Stretches help ease your body back into movement without being too strenuous on you. Take it in your own time and listen to your body, if you feel like you’ve done enough then stop, pushing your body past its boundaries while it’s dealing with back pain may do more damage.


Do I need it scanned?

The idea of any back pain makes you want to get it scanned just in case. However, unless you’ve had a fall or accident in which back pain is the result of or the pain is excruciating then a scan is not needed.

The pain will reduce and go after a few days, rest and stretching is the best bet in getting it back to normal.


What Causes back pain?

There are many factors that go into lumbago.

More often, the main trigger for back pain is bending. While this is a main physical cause, other triggers such as lack of sleep, stress and anxiety can all contribute to back pain.

Rushing around

Making sure you are giving your body the time for it to recover is essential as doing too much too fast can cause some nasty lower back pain.

Neglecting our non physical factors such as lack of sleep and the increase of stress can contribute. 

Rest is just as important as exercise. Rushing won’t lead you to your goal faster, it’ll slow you down and create more damage.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race!


Keep it up

One of the big questions when it comes to lumbago is how do I stop it coming back?

Looking after the non physical back pain triggers are essential to reducing reoccurring back pain.

These are sleep, stress, anxiety and emotion just to name a few.

Keeping the whole body healthy means that your back pain is managed and reduces the chances of it coming back.

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How can we help

As mentioned before, back pain is one of those things that can’t be determined just by sight alone. Because of this it can be scary with the thought that it may be something more than just lower back pain.

Getting some advice by one of our many experts here at Summit Physiotherapy may help.

Our thorough assessments help rule out anything that could be deemed serious with your back pain. 

Our aim is to identify your goals and the steps to get you feeling fit, healthy and importantly pain free again.

The treatments our team are equipped to do vary to allow for the best possible treatment for you.

These treatments (such as sports massage) and the targets not only help with your physical wellbeing but in doing so gives you the confidence to work on your fitness and health and make sure all those non physical triggers are maintained and cared for.

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