Why do I consistently slice the golf ball? is actually a common question we get asked by many of our clients.

In this series of blog’s we going to look at how the body can have an affect on your shot shape, in particular a slice.

This blog is not about injury. Although, as we know muscle imbalance can lead to injury. Therefore, this is a win:win for those of you who consistently slice the ball.

The aim is to try and give you some tips and advice on looking at how your body moves in relation to hitting a consistent slice.

Why do I consistently slice the golf ball?

Firstly, you need to understand what a slice is, many people have a misconception that a push or a fade is known as a slice.

Yes a slice for a right-handed golfer does mean that the ball goes off to the right. However, it does not start straight or to the right like a fade and a push does.

A slice is defined as a shot for a right-handed golfer that starts left of the target and finishes right of the target. This is due to the angle of the clubface on impact and the spin that is put on the ball.

This shot type is often known as the ‘banana’ shot to golfers and is the most common miss hit of recreational golfers.

On impact the clubface is open caused by the hands being brought inside the ideal swing path line.

Often a golfer who slices the ball consistently will slide the hips/torso from side to side instead or rotating the hips and torso, during the backswing and follow through.

This means the hips are usually ahead of the hands on impact. This then leads the hands to drop on the inside and the clubface becoming open on impact causing a slice.



These faults are all down to poor movement patterns in the body.

If a golfer is unable to rotate his hips during the golf swing it is usually down to a number of reasons.

Firstly,  there will be a weakness in certain core muscles, in particularly the oblique’s. The oblique’s are designed to rotate the torso on the pelvis/hips.

If the oblique muscles are weak and inefficient then you will be unable to rotate your torso and hips efficiently. During the golf swing a sliding motion will occur at the hips instead of a rotation leading to a slice.

Secondly, your hips will may slide during the golf swing instead of rotating is due to stiffness in the hip joint. All golfers need to be able to achieve 35 degrees of medial rotation in the hip joints. This is to allow you to rotate effectively through the hips and torso during the golf swing.

If you are unable to do this then yet again your hips will want to slide. This leads to the hands dropping on the inside and the club face becoming open on impact causing a slice.

If you slice the ball consistently it is more than likely due to some of the issues discussed above.  You need to remain patient for next months blog to find the fix.

Coming Next….

In it we will discuss your oblique muscles. If these are weak or if your hips are stiff it could be the reason for your slice. We show you can correct these issues to help prevent you consistently slicing the ball.

If you are looking to improve your game and become more efficient we recommend a golf movement screen – the Golf Matrix.  To see how it can be used have a watch if this

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