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Each new client/condition will have a brief initial consultation where one of our skilled clinicians will take a detailed and confidential history and brief physical assessment.

  • Sports Injuries

    Every athlete, regardless of their ability and specialism, dreads injuries. A sports injury can really undo all of the progress that you have made in your career thus far, so…

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  • Injury Prevention & Performance

    The repetitive nature of modern lifestyles and the intensity of most sports can lead to certain areas in the body becoming tight, whilst other areas can quickly weaken. These can…

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  • Sports Massage

    The main aim of a deep sports massage is to improve blood circulation, eliminating the build-up of lactic acids and preventing accumulated stiffness from training or working repetitively. This special…

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  • Post Op & Pre Op

    Summit specialises in post-operative physiotherapy and rehabilitation after surgery. Following surgery, our aim is to relieve pain, increase your range of motion, correct any movement dysfunction created pre-surgery and ease…

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  • Free Injury Clinics

    What should you expect from a free injury clinic? All of our new clients receive an initial consultation with one of our highly-trained specialists, who will undertake a brief physical…

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  • Partner Services

    Summit Physiotherapy is a team of committed, highly educated musculoskeletal specialist clinicians who are always striving for excellence in offering the most comprehensive physical and emotional support in the health…

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  • Hip pain

    It’s common to associate hip replacements with older people, but the truth is that anybody can suffer from hip pain, especially athletes and sportspeople. At Summit Physio, our clinicians specialise…

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